The School


Founded in 1218 by King Alfonso IX of León and Europe’s first educational institution to obtain the title of University by papal bull of Alexander IV in 1255, the University of Salamanca is the oldest of the existing hispanic universities and alma máter of latin-american Universities. Focus of learning and culture since its inception in 1492, witnessed the birth of the first Spanish Grammar by Antonio Nebrija.


The institution, considered “University of Spanish,” receives every year thousands of students of its language and culture, from 70 countries. It also controls the supply and development of academic certificates DELE – Diploma of Spanish as Foreign Language – and has one of the largest and world prestige training centers for foreigners, the International Courses.


The pioneering experience and reputation in the teaching of the Spanish language methodology by USAL are a seal of quality and international reputation, it is located in Lisbon through the Spanish Language School – ELE.


Those considering learning or improving their Spanish level, will find in this school an offering of courses guaranteed and certified by the University of Salamancas’ excellence and quality, with its proven methodological experience. Experience demonstrated by the prestigious International Courses, which in 1929 launched a model in teaching Spanish as a foreign language adopted by the rest formative panorama of Spanish of today.